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Holstein Calf

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  • Birthday
  • Lifespan
    6-8 years
  • Interesting…A cow’s stomach has four compartments.  Some people consider each compartment to be a separate stomach. 

.Holstein cows are known for their high production of milk.  A single Californian cow can produce as much as 8 gallons of milk per day.  Much like a snowflake, no two cows have the same black and white coloration.  Holsteins originated in Europe and were brought to the United States in the 1600s.  Male cattle are called bulls, females are cows, and babies are calves.  Newborn calves weigh about 90 pounds and grow to be 1500 pounds.  A cow’s diet consists of forage, including hay, grass, and grain.  At Johnny’s, a new calf is borrowed from a local farm every summer.


Holstiein Calf

Johnny sezJohnny says: ““A tag in a cow’s ear helps with identification– much like a name tag.”